Video Ad Sourcing

The Gamification of Video Ad Production

Mollify's Video Ad Sourcing Network

A Vending Machine for Content & Exposure

One Minute of Video Content is the Equivalent to 1.8 Million Words

Digital Marketing Expert James McQuivey

  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video

  • 87% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies

  • 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions

  • Video will claim more than 82% of all web traffic by 2021


VIDEO has become the most IMPORTANT Promotional TOOL

Companies need video content to remain relevant in today's highly competitive digital market place

Videos are Corporate Oxygen

If you need a video

How do you get one made?

Once you have a video

How do you promote it?

The Current Video Ad Production Model is BROKEN

It's Time-Consuming, Expensive, and RISKY


1. Pre-production
2. Production
3. Post-production


Brands are paying $10K, $25K, up to $250K for the production of A SINGLE video, then paying another $250K per million views to promote it


Betting on the success of a SINGLE Video is RISKY - A SINGLE Video can take SEVERAL MONTHS of planning, SEVERAL PEOPLE to coordinate, and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce & promote. What if the SINGLE video is NOT engaging?


Have you ever seen a bad commercial or an unimpressive ad?

After investing a significant amount of TIME and a significant amount of MONEY on the production and promotion of a SINGLE VIDEO, brands are STUCK WITH THE CONTENT whether it appeals to prospective customers or not

The current model is COMPLEX

Big brands are using companies like Userfarm,, Zooppa, Wooshii, and Tongal to crowdsource the production of promotional video content. CROWDS at these firms are LIMITED to mostly professionals, who compete for parts of projects, (i.e. idea, pitch, evaluation, and production) and NOT entire videos. This Multi-Step process takes SEVERAL MONTHS to PIECE TOGETHER, PRODUCES ONLY ONE VIDEO, and the sponsored content receives NO EXPOSURE during any of this process

Sponsored Viral Video Upload Contests

The Gamification of Video Ad Production

Mollify's Ad Sourcing Network

A True Single Source Global Video Crowdsourcing Solution
Entertainment & Global Exposure

Mollify’s Ad Sourcing Network provides brands and followers a plethora of entertaining sponsored content and global exposure from millions of prospective customers

Mollify's Software System offers Real-Time Interaction

Mollify's Clients have continuous Real-Time access to their video's engagement rates (views, clicks, shares, etc.) for the life of the videos

Mollify will SAVE Big Brands MILLIONS

Mollify enables brands the ability to pre-qualify video content (measure engagement) prior to investing in the promotion of any non-compelling content; this will save millions in wasted advertising expenditures


A Vending Machine for Content & Exposure

The Largest Video Crowdsourcing Ad Network in the World

Continuous Global Promotion

Mollify’s Ad Sourcing Network provides brands hundreds of "Branded Videos" created specifically for them by their customers, as well as continuous global exposure from prospective customers from around the GLOBE

Kittens, Puppies, Cute Kids, & Influencers

All are Welcome!

More than 350 Social Channels and Global Websites World-World

Selected Videos will be circulated through Mollify's proprietary Global Ad Sourcing Network composed of more than 350 Social Channels & Global Websites around the world. The videos with the most views after 60 days will be awarded (1st, 2nd, & 3rd)

Mollify's Ad Sourcing Network

Over 350 Social Channels and Global Websites World-Wide


NO need for TIME spent on IDEAS, PITCHES, or PRODUCTION. All video content is created for the brand in 60 days


Mollify provides a plethora of quality content and global exposure for a fraction of the cost, a far superior value than the current system


Brands have hundreds of promotional videos created specifically for them while having access to real-time engagement rates throughout, so future promotional investment on any specific videos can be done so already knowing how receptive people are to the content

Quality in Quantity
One Company & One Platform
Simple & Easy

Mollify's Superior Value

Gamification Pricing & Savings

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