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At the outset, the primary purpose of a website was to create a first impression. With the evolution of Web 2.0 and focus on collective intelligence and co-creation, customers now expect to participate in the corporate environment and place greater value on transparency.

Websites are now evolving into interactive, user-centric, information hubs.  These virtual command posts allow prospective customers an opportunity to visit: engage, interact, and learn about the business.

Think of a new website as a virtual storefront – When you walk into a store, how do you choose a product? Do you like to browse?  Do you like to analyze?  Do you like to watch a video of the product in action? How do you figure out if that product will be right for you?

Providing the user an interactive and customizable flow of information conveys one’s story in a way that is uniquely useful.  Interactive technology allows us the ability to guide our audience through a compelling narrative while affording opportunities to drill down to the user’s specific desired details.  Digital storytelling keeps users engaged, creates a valuable experience while reinforcing a company’s expertise and credibility.

Where would you like your digital storefront to be located?  If you had your choice, would you prefer your storefront to be located in Nowhere, Oklahoma (Real Place) or on Madison Avenue in New York City?

Having a well-designed website with limited web presence is similar to having an incredible superstore in the middle of nowhere.  As incredible as your superstore may be, if not strategically located, finding new customers will be a constant challenge.

A website or web page’s ability to be found is going to depend on Google’s indexing of a company’s pages.  In order to prioritize PageRank for any given search,  Google uses over 200 New Factors.  Google’s goal is not only to prioritize pages as it relates to the searcher’s query but also takes into account authoritativeness of the source.

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