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  • 94% of B2B buyers Perform Online Research before making a purchase
  • 84% of B2B buyers Visit Business Websites
  • 57-70 of the Purchasing Decision is made before a customer speaks with a salesperson

“New Marketing” or “Inbound Marketing” is any marketing tactic that relies on earning one’s interest instead of buying it.  Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers, “earning their way in”, as opposed to “buying, begging, or bugging their way in.”  Consistently creating valuable content is essential in the lead generation process. Social Media has become the core content, promotional channel to build your brand.  Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have become the most important Social Media platforms for Search Engine Optimization.  Panda & Penguin have been two of the most impactful Google Algorithm updates focusing on user-experience and customer engagement.


Digital storytelling is the process of enhancing user satisfaction: improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided by the interaction between the user and the business.  Providing the user with an interactive and customizable flow of information conveys one’s story in a way that is uniquely useful.Interactive technology allows us the ability to guide our audience through a compelling narrative while affording opportunities to drill down to the user’s specific desired details.Digital storytelling keeps users engaged, creates a valuable experience while reinforcing a company’s expertise, credibility, and trust.

Digital Optimization is about taking a systematic approach to “Inbound Marketing and “The New Digital Sales Cycle.” It’s about creating purposeful, optimized content across the web (web pages, videos, images, social media content, directory listings, PR,) in order to maximize exposure and to tell a digital story; compelling prospective customers: to learn, engage and convert.

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