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Mollify has won Enterprise’s, Best Web Designers in New York City in 2017 and again in 2018. Mollify’s been listed in New York Digital’s “Hottest New Startups” and soon will be named to Red Herring’s Top 100 Startups – North America June 2018.

Mollify has consulted on global optimization initiatives, built sophisticated software systems, helping people digitally grow.

Google Ranks Mollify #1 Google Algorithm Specialist in the World.

“There is nothing that we can’t build digitally, we’ve proven our competency and capability to manipulate HTML”, says Founder and Lead Developer, Christopher Watson.

“It was Larry Page and Sergey Brin who successfully reverse engineered Bernard Lee’s World Wide Web which led to Google. In search of our own billion-dollar tech idea, we successfully reverse engineered Google’s Internet. Google recognizes Mollify as the #1 ranked “Google Algorithm Specialist” in the world. We understand today’s digital environment better than anyone else; we’ve proven this with Google’s validation. Rather than come up with an idea, then figure out how to digitally market it, we thought we would first figure how Google’s internet worked, then build a digital concept specifically designed to capitalize on its fundamentals.”

Mollify is launching an Ad Tech Web Application later this fall, 2018, just in time for Christmas, it is said to be…“ The Future of Advertising”.

We are looking to Add 10 – 15 of the brightest minds that we can possibly find to help us launch our new web application, we are looking to build the best and brightest group of professionals we can find, to strategize with, to share interpretations with, to hopefully build the next big technology company with.

We are looking to assemble thinkers, bloggers, social media aficionados, programmers, digital specialists, YouTubers, digital marketers, digital influencers, forward thinkers, talented, tech-savvy, synergistic, personalities, into one THINK TANK (WeWork in New York City).

We are looking to bring together, the brightest, most genuine people we can find, our version of the DIGITAL BEATLES.

Each employee will start with the same base salary of $80,000, full benefits, and stake in the company. We plan on reorganizing this structure when our growth merits it which will create management positions and management salaries, which we plan on filling primarily from within. Everyone’s paycheck will eventually have the potential to increase disproportionately based on performance. 

We are in the process of securing 3 – 5 million in Series A funding (A 24 -month runway).

This could be the opportunity of a lifetime…Very good, guaranteed money to work at a Top Startup in the World’s Greatest Cities, with a superior group of individuals.

Submit your resume to the recruiters below, Mollify has 100% of its current resources dedicated to finalizing Series A Funding.