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Sales & marketing have historically been a linear attempt at growing a business – Participating in a trade show would only possess the potential to reach those who were in attendance with only minutes of potential engagement. Participating in a direct mail campaign would only have the potential to reach those that you mailed with only a few seconds of potential engagement. Billboards, TV ads, Cold Calls all share similar limitations, they’re all bound by the number of individuals they can reach and lack the ability to produce quality, consistent engagement.

The internet has become a true NETWORK of interrelated web applications.  Now, “word of mouth” commerce can truly have an exponential effect.


If our revenue is going to depend  on views and exposure, then we need to excel at distribution. Videos need to be good, but they also need to be seen by enough people in order for them to be shared and viewed by millions.

Imagine that you wanted to start a rumor. If you never told anyone the rumor, the rumor would never have an opportunity to be spread. Likewise, if you tell only one person the rumor, it has some chance of spreading. But, if you tell 50, 100, 200, 1000 people the rumor, it’s going to spread a lot more quickly.

There are over 530 platforms (i.e. social networks, social news aggregators, and social bookmarking sites) to grow our exposure and maximize each video campaign.

Here is a breakdown of the various platforms

Blogging Sites (35) Entertainment (55) News (19)
Bookmarking (36) Health (27) Photos (43)
Business Sites (39) Information (51) Tech (34)
Community Sites (76) Microblogging (20) Travel (15)
Design (22) Music (28) Video (30)

By expanding our presence as widely as possible, we will be creating 100’s – 1000’s additional opportunities to get clicked and shared, the more it gets clicked and shared, the more successful and more profitable that our campaigns will be.