When – Phase I: March 2015 – April 2016 (13 Months)
               Phase II: Feb 2018 – Nov 2018 (10 Months)


– Performed 100% of the UX Research
– Performed 100% of the UX Design
(Site-Mapping – User Flow – Task Flow)
– Performed 100% of the UX Analysis
(Journey Mapping)
– Performed 100% of the Content Strategy
– Performed 100% of the Content Creation

Starting Point –  An Idea 
No Web Traffic 
No Engagement 

End Point 100-Page Content Management System 
Web Traffic: Increased 100%
Engagement Rates: Have gone as high as 16 Minutes per Session

Who is the audience?
UX Designers – Digital Marketers – Web Developers – SEO Specialists – Webmasters – Data Managers – CEO’s 

What are we trying to accomplish?
1. Educate
2. Compel Users to Visit
3. Prove Expertise
4. Provide Proof of Concept – Build a Website to Model to Others to Emulate 

Primary ObjectiveHighlight Expertise & Illustrate Digital Marketing & UX Design Perspective

Why do users care?
Users who want to read and engage with content from a trusted source – Use Mollify for Digital Business Information  

How to Accomplish ObjectiveCreate the Most Quality Content Possible
Agenda: Continue to Provide Accurate – Verified Information