Jen Selter – Who is Instagram Star Jen Selter?

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Jen Selter is a social media star, advocate for fitness, healthy lifestyle, positive thinking & motivation. When it comes to their backsides, most women’s deepest wish is to downsize. Jen Selter isn’t most women.

“If anything,… I’d like to make mine a little bigger.”

For Jen, a big butt means big bucks. The fitness junkie has become an Internet phenomenon, turning her hobby of sharing selfies of her perky posterior into a lucrative career.

“I was putting up photos of myself at the gym and started getting a lot of likes,” says Jen, who now has nearly 3 million followers including Rihanna and basketball players Shaquille O’Neal on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages and can earn $60,000 just for posting product endorsements. “I just went viral.”

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