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Google Mobile Friendliness

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Google Mobile Friendliness  


According to the Google Webmaster Central Blog, beginning on April 21, Google will officially begin “expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal”. With this change, Google will be aim to further its main goal, ensuring a better user experience. By taking mobile-friendliness into consideration within its ranking algorithm, Google is adapting to the growing number of mobile users and working towards making their experience as seamless and as easy as possible. Pigeon, Google’s most recent algorithm update, saw great success in its ability to improve the quality and relevance of local search results, many of which were made on mobile devices. With the expectation of finding the same amount of success as the Pigeon update, Google hopes that targeting mobile and making user experience the top priority, companies will work towards upholding the same expectation and adapt to creating mobile-friendly websites.

Google has decided to wait until April 21 to implement this new algorithm in order to give businesses an opportunity to make the necessary changes to their websites to become more mobile friendly. We recommend that companies take action in order to assure that when Google applies the new algorithm, your rankings do not suffer. First, start by auditing your sites mobile-friendliness to see how your website currently stands in line with Google’s requirements. Next, make the necessary changes and continue to implement proper SEO and SEM strategies. Making a mobile-friendly site will not only benefit your rankings, within Google’s new algorithm, it will also provide users with a better experience and potentially lead to increased conversions.


Published on Nov 25, 2014 – Urban Media
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