The Google Algorithm in a Nutshell

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Google Search
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The Google Algorithm is one of the most complex, most valuable algorithms in the world,  made up of more than 200 factors, more than 10,000 subfactors, influenced to some degree by artificial intelligence, and sometimes tweaked (adjusted to make perfect) more than 500 times in a month, to make it even better.

Google’s Internet is based on Meritocracy.

Not only is the quality of content important to Google, but so is the authority of the source. Google’s objective is to provide their users with the most quality content from the most credible sources.

Everyone uses Google Search because we “trust” its ability to provide us with the “best” answer to our question or the “right” solution to our problem. The Google Algorithm is tested more than 3.5 billion times per day, more than 2 trillion times a year, by people all over the world.

Again and again, people keep coming back to Google Search for help because it works and we “trust” it.

The Co-Founder of Google, Larry Page once said….

“The perfect search engine will understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want”.

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