Digital Marketing Strategy
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Mollify has built sophisticated enterprise software systems, consulted on global digital asset optimization initiatives, helping companies bolster their digital visualization, digital reputation, and digital development

Mollify is composed of Digital Architects with a passion for technology. My name is Christopher Watson, I am the founder of Mollify. Prior to starting Mollify, I spent 20 years in corporate sales and marketing, a bulk of my time working in the surgical arena educating Vascular and Neurosurgeons on the nuances of my devices.

During those 5 hour surgeries, I would only have the ability to grow my business one device at a time, one surgeon at a time. I was bound by the number of individuals that my daily efforts could reach.

This is NOT the case in the NEW DIGITAL ARENA. 

Today’s Internet is a Conglomeration of Interconnected Software Applications with Limitless Growth Potential & Limitless Engagement Possibilities.

It was Larry Page and Sergey Brin who successfully reverse engineered Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web which led to Google. Powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Google Search controls much of what we see and how often we see it when we use our devices; it’s what makes Google the most valuable entity on the planet. 

Prior to designing our own software system, to demonstrate our insight and expertise, we successfully reverse engineered Google’s internet. Mollify is a 100-page Digital Brochure dedicated to the Architectural Design of Today’s Internet, validated by Googe’s A.I.

Mollify is a Software and Technology Firm. With the use of analytics and carefully crafted algorithms, we help companies bolster their digital business

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