About Us 

When an architect looks at a skyscraper, they see it differently than we do. An architect can visualize the steel beams, the concrete, the plumbing, and mechanical components that make up a building. A vascular surgeon looks at a person and can visualize a heart pumping blood through the arteries, through the organs, and back through the veins. Like the architect and the surgeon, as programmers, we can visualize the framework of the web and visualize how data flows throughout.

The internet is one of the most advanced technological systems in the world, rapidly growing, constantly changing, and forming billions of new connections all over the world. A strong framework to compare it to would be the human brain, the most advanced biological system in the world. Both of these networks function very similarly.

The core components of the brain are neurons and synapses.  A newborn child is born with 100 billion neurons, but the synapses or connections aren’t there yet.  It’s over the course of the first 5 years of a child’s life that these connections are formed. They do so very rapidly (700 – 1000 synapses per second). Every time you talk or interact with a child, you are literally growing their brain, connecting the different parts, allowing for new ideas, insights, creative thinking, and you are strengthening these connections. That is why these connections are so important; they form the brain’s foundation.

Now, think of an internet platform in this same critical stage of early development, neurons as web pages and synapses as links. In order to form a proper foundation, an internet platform needs to make as many connections as possible.  Just like every interaction makes a new connection in a child’s brain, every tweet, reddit, bookmark, search, or post, will create and strengthen connections across our global network.

In order to embrace ongoing algorithm updates, we take a very systematic approach to the development of all of our web applications: we integrate dozens of web-based software applications in order to build our client’s ever-evolving digital platforms.

The Perfect Digital Network