Digital Architects use customer-centric digital platforms to transform businesses, improve competitive positioning, and increase profitability.

Before an architect can construct a new skyscraper, he or she must be able to visualize where each steel beam connects, how each window pane is positioned, how each room will be laid out, as well as how the plumbing, electricity, and wiring connect this new building to the rest of the city. Similar visualization and architectural planning are necessary when building new websites.

No longer are websites digital business cards, most new platforms are content management systems, designed to manage the business (ie. communication, payments, marketing, accounting, analytics, etc.) via the web.

Google Search was built on one simple premise, provide the user the best answer to their query. Now, not only is the quality of content important but so is the authority of the source.

Individuals search online for content that helps solve a problem; Inbound marketing is about positioning your company to be the solution to that problem.

Inbound Marketing refers to activities that earn the attention of customers, makes the company easier to be found, and draws customers to them.

The Google Algorithm is an Inbound Marketing playbook, a step-by-step guide of how to build the perfect digital platform and how each component of the digital marketing system impacts the next.

We read it, we wrote about it, and Google ranks our interpretation of their algorithm as the best in the world.

We have proven to Google that we understand how to build the perfect digital platform, would you like us to prove it to you?

At our core, we are programmers, developers, bloggers, search engine optimizers, social media enthusiasts, Google algorithm zealots, software engineers, and data scientists, with a passion for technology.

Mollify’s Founder and Lead Developer is Christopher Watson.