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About Mollify

Mollify is a Software Development Company based in New York City.

At our core, we are programmers, developers, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, software engineers, data scientists, digital architects, algorithmists, with a passion for technology.

We understand today’s digital environment better than anyone else in the world; we’ve proved this with Google’s validation.


My name is Christopher Watson and I am the Founder and Lead Developer for Mollify.    

I spent twenty years of my professional career in sales and marketing. My career began as part of a 3-man marketing and sales team on Wall Street. The 3 of us help build the largest online-retail foreign exchange trading firm in the US.

Since, I have consistently grown several multi-million dollar medical device territories (WebMD, Cardinal Health, LeMaitre Vascular) and won numerous sales awards in doing so.

In 2014, I turned down multiple offers in hopes of becoming a Rock Star Developer (i.e. Ben Silbermann, Alexis Ohanian, etc.) 

I used Google Search and YouTube to teach myself computer programming (i.e. HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, CSS, etc.), how to use CMS platforms (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.), manage server resources (i.e. Linux, Redhat, etc.), as well as everything else I know.

Since starting Mollify, I’ve won Enterprise’s, Best Web Designers in New York City 2017 & 2018. 

Google currently recognizes me and Mollify as the #1 “Google Algorithm Specialist” in the world. 


Google’s Algorithm is obviously one of the most complex and most valuable algorithms in the world. Understanding Google’s fundamental factors are critical to any online business. How can a business thrive if people looking for the business can’t find them?  

It was Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s attempt to reverse engineer Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web which led to Google. In search of my own billion dollar tech idea, I thought it would be wise to follow in Larry and Sergey’s footsteps and reverse engineer Google’s Algorithm. I did it!

Mollify.biz is a 100-page Inbound Digital Marketing Playbook, it’s MY INTERPRETATION of how our new internet works.

According to Google, Mollify is the foremost authority on the Google Algorithm. Google has validated my interpretation by ranking me the #1 Google Algorithm Specialist in the world.

No one else on the planet understands how the internet operates and how to build the perfect digital system within this network than myself; I proved this with Google’s endorsement.